You may have used a proxy server if you wanted to access a country restricted website, which is not available in your country, like BBC. If someone in the US, wanted to access BBC from their server, it would be impossible, and he would have to switch to a U.K proxy. Therefore, to speak non-technically, Proxy Server is nothing but another computer situated at a data center with a specific IP, and which can be accessed externally. 

Today it is very evident, that some of the countries around the world, censor social networks and many news websites, refusing the citizens access to free internet. Thus, to bypass the censorship by the competent authorities, the normal people are using the proxy servers. Moreover, people who transact important business information while travelling, normally use proxy servers to avoid theft of information. 

Trying Before Using

Proxies have immense advantages, we all acknowledge that, but there are some things which should be kept in mind while working or using with a proxy server China. 

Though a proxy server, gives you the very essential security and the protection of your personal information, using a proxy basically means, that the server has to decode your data through to send it over, which means, the proxy server China can see anything that you send, any important transaction you do. Though, using SSL connections, can avoid the seeing through your data, but most of do not use SSL Connection. While accessing the webpage, where you need your email details, credit card details and so on, or maybe if you are accessing a bank account using a proxy server, all your information’s are passing through a third party server. A malicious proxy server, can record the data and hack sensitive details. So, it is very important to try a proxy server before using one. 

Proxy servers are the only entity, who knows your real IP Address, which can be another security issue. In other words, while you are using someone’s IP address, you are exposing your own IP address to do so, which can be tracked back, and you can be laundered of personal sensitive information. For example, someone may use your IP, to run a criminal activity or illegal activities. Further, malicious proxy servers, can and do, without your consent sell your IP address to marketers. 

Using a proxy server, slows down your network connection, and this is for a simple reason. If you are sitting in Australia, and using a server, based at U.S.A, firstly, you have to transfer the huge amount of your data to U.S.A, before transferring it to the open internet. Trying different proxy servers, and then selecting one out of those should be a wise man’s decision. With different proxy servers, you may see the varying speed. 

Using a proxy server today, calls for increased ad and banners when you connect to the internet. The service providers take the chance of you being in a proxy server, and inculcate many ads for advertising revenue, and hence which makes internet browsing experience irritating. 

Proxy Server China provides you anonymity and security, and therefore is a great way to surf the net, but you really need to try out the servers before permanently using those.