New York, Paris, London; these are some of the most renowned centers for fashion in the world. However, there is another place that is putting out some incredible fashions, and you may not know about it. Where? Israel!

Yes, Israel is home to some of the hottest, up and coming fashion designers, and the world is really taking notice. Whether you have roots in Israel and you want to support your home or your heritage; or, you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, here is a look at some of the most popular Israeli fashion bloggers that you should be following if you want to stay abreast of all of the latest Israeli fashions.



Eight 30

Eight 30 is a blog that focuses on the latest trends in Israeli fashion. Created and maintained by Kochavit Akunis, a blogger who really knows where to find the latest trends in the fashion world, if you want to stay on the up and up with Israeli fashion, than you are definitely going to want to follow her blog, @eight30_blog, where you will find a wide collection of information related to fashion, from golden accessories to incredible outfits.


Fabologie is a Jewish lifestyle site, was founded by Adi Heyman. Heyman is a big supporter of the modest fashion that Orthodox Jewish women wear, and on her blog, she shares great insight and inspiration regarding modest fashion. When you follow her blog, @fabologist, you will find tons of inspiring designs from some of the most iconic designers.

Karen Or

Though she hails from San Francisco, Karen Or is a blogger and street style photographer in Tel Aviv. On her blog, which you can follow @karenor, you will find a wonderful collection of breezy, fashionable, yet conservative dressed and outfits that are truly dainty and feminine.

Life By B

Life by B is the fashion blog by Yael Kimelman. If you are looking for fashion that is poised, polished and really put together, you will find just that on the pages of her blog, which you can follow here, @lifebybtlv.

Nastya Lisansky

Nastay Lisansky, a super trendy, stylish mom, acquired her following by posting inspirational fashion designs on her blog. If you are interested in neutral, yet luxe designs, you will find what you are looking for when you follow @natstyalisansky.


Follow these Israeli fashion bloggers and you will have the latest trends in fashion at all times.