You may have used a proxy server if you wanted to access a country restricted website, which is not available in your country, like BBC. If someone in the US, wanted to access BBC from their server, it would be impossible, and he would have to switch to a U.K proxy. Therefore, to speak non-technically, Proxy Server is nothing but another computer situated at a data center with a specific IP, and which can be accessed externally. 

Today it is very evident, that some of the countries around the world, censor social networks and many news websites, refusing the citizens access to free internet. Thus, to bypass the censorship by the competent authorities, the normal people are using the proxy servers. Moreover, people who transact important business information while travelling, normally use proxy servers to avoid theft of information. 

Trying Before Using

Proxies have immense advantages, we all acknowledge that, but there are some things which should be kept in mind while working or using with a proxy server China. 

Though a proxy server, gives you the very essential security and the protection of your personal information, using a proxy basically means, that the server has to decode your data through to send it over, which means, the proxy server China can see anything that you send, any important transaction you do. Though, using SSL connections, can avoid the seeing through your data, but most of do not use SSL Connection. While accessing the webpage, where you need your email details, credit card details and so on, or maybe if you are accessing a bank account using a proxy server, all your information’s are passing through a third party server. A malicious proxy server, can record the data and hack sensitive details. So, it is very important to try a proxy server before using one. 

Proxy servers are the only entity, who knows your real IP Address, which can be another security issue. In other words, while you are using someone’s IP address, you are exposing your own IP address to do so, which can be tracked back, and you can be laundered of personal sensitive information. For example, someone may use your IP, to run a criminal activity or illegal activities. Further, malicious proxy servers, can and do, without your consent sell your IP address to marketers. 

Using a proxy server, slows down your network connection, and this is for a simple reason. If you are sitting in Australia, and using a server, based at U.S.A, firstly, you have to transfer the huge amount of your data to U.S.A, before transferring it to the open internet. Trying different proxy servers, and then selecting one out of those should be a wise man’s decision. With different proxy servers, you may see the varying speed. 

Using a proxy server today, calls for increased ad and banners when you connect to the internet. The service providers take the chance of you being in a proxy server, and inculcate many ads for advertising revenue, and hence which makes internet browsing experience irritating. 

Proxy Server China provides you anonymity and security, and therefore is a great way to surf the net, but you really need to try out the servers before permanently using those. 



With the global climate change and pollution affecting most coral reefs in the world, some people have started their own fight against the process that is damaging our most precious marine resource. Christine Wertheim and her sister, Margaret, have started a project which fuses art with science, mathematics and handicraft, in order to create a unique display which resembles the amazing living corals. Their Crochet Coral Reef has grown into an international movement that not only displays spectacular art forms, but it also mutates and grows into something more which may reach more and more people around the world.

Crocheting marine life forms

Christine and Margaret Wertheim may be living in Los Angeles, but they grew up in Queensland, a place from which the Great Barrier Reef can be seen. They were saddened to see this amazing live structure be affected by world pollution and climate change, and so they have started their own project to recreate many of the coral reef species right in their own home. They combine art with simple patterns and algorithms to give life to crochet corals. These result into mathematical forms that can then be changed by altering the algorithm.  They have managed to create anemones, sea slugs and loopy kelps with a mix of art, mathematics, natural science as well as a lot of dedication. Visit crochet coral reef study for more information.

Evolving into something much more

What started out as a small project to fill a coffee table has evolved into something much larger. The two sister went from creating a few basic coral forms to building large gardens or crochet ecosystems. The Crochet Coral Reef project has also expanded, reaching other parts of the world where enthusiastic members have contributed to realizing impressive representations of the world’s largest marine life forms. Thus the Crochet Coral Reef has become an evolutionary experimental as well as a way to express concerns about global warming and human activities that harm our environment and lead to coral reef losses. There are many exhibitions in the world, including the Bleached Reef, the Kelp Garden or The Ladies’ Silurian Atoll – an installation composed of more than 1,000 individual pieces. There is also the Toxic Reef that is crocheted from waste materials such as plastic and which tries to sound the alarm to the problems created by trash ending up in our oceans.

 The Crochet Coral Reef project promises to grow in the future and attract more members, and maybe at some point it will manage to make a change for the better and protect our coral reefs from destruction.





There are a few reasons you might want to perform a reverse cell phone number lookup. If you get a missed call from a number you don’t recognize you can either call them back, which could be costly and annoying, or just look up the number online. If you recognize the name behind the number you can give them a call and ask them what was up, or you can just ignore the call if you don’t recognize the name. It was probably a wrong number or a spam caller. Reverse cell phone lookup services are also handy when you find yourself being harassed. You can find out who is calling you and, depending on who it is, contact the authorities about them if necessary. If it’s just a business then you can report them to someone like the Better Business Bureau. 

How To Do Cell Phone Lookups On Anywho?

The most difficult part about doing a reverse phone lookup is deciding which cell phone lookup service you want to go with. AnyWho is one service that can be easily recommended. Their website has several things for you to take advantage of including their reverse cell phone lookup. They also have a general yellow and white pages for looking up people and businesses once you have the name. That’s one of the basic points of looking up who owns a number. Once you have a name you can go from there and find out everything you’d need to know about them including where they live. That can help a lot in reporting someone for harassment. It’s a really extreme example but if someone you know disappears or runs away, and calls you from someone else’s phone, you can track the number and find out who they are staying with and, better yet, just where they are. 



In less extreme examples knowing who owns a number lets you block that number and report that person if necessary. You can warn your friends and family about a business or number trying to scam them and take advantage of them. You can also use such a service to find out who has been calling someone you know, as well as who is calling you. If your partner or a family member tells you they keep getting called by someone then you can do a lookup yourself. Not everyone can be as tech savvy as you after all. 

Cell Phone Directories Can Have Too Much Information

There’s a lot of information you can do find out with just a phone number, and the information that phone number can give you. But there’s no real need to worry. All of the information you can find, or people can find on you, is things that are publicly listed and known. If you get worried about your information being out there you can contact the yellow pages to take you off of the directory or not make so much of your information so publicly available. You can even do a lookup on your own number to see what other people can find out about you. AnyWho has you covered for any basic reverse cell phone lookup need. 





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Coenzyme q10 is a special substance that is produced by the human body in order to aid a wide range of bodily processes, but also to protect us from various diseases, including cancer, skin diseases and to help fight against the damages of free radicals. Coenzyme q10 has a lot more benefits though and if you take it daily, then it can reduce the chances of basically getting sick in general.

Take It To Absorb Medication More Effectively

One of the first things you should know about coenzyme q10 is that after a certain age, your body is not going to produce enough of it. This means that you need to find a way to supplement your body with enough coenzyme q10 so that you stay in good health and protect yourself from various age specific disease. In clinical studies, it was discovered that by having a healthy coenzyme q10 intake, you can greatly lower your chances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's disease and so forth. If you want to learn more about the health benefits of coenzyme qten, then you should go to

Prevent And /Or Treat Cardiovascular Disease

Good news for those who have heart problems: coenzyme q10 has been proven to potentially help treat heart disease. How does it do that? Well, it basically increases the production of cellular energy. By doing so, it minimizes the amount of damages done by free radicals and the formation of blood clots. According to various authority websites online, coenzyme q10 is found in great quantities in heart muscles, so it's only natural that if you increase your intake of it, then you're going to greatly improve heart health and reduce the chances of any heart related disease.

Slow The Progress Of Parkinson's Disease

You may not be aware of this yet, but by taking coenzyme q10 on a daily basis, you can effectively slow down the progress of Parkinson's disease. It's very important though that the coenzyme q10 supplements are taken in the early stages of the disease. Larger scale and more complex studies are required in order to see if coenzyme q10 can also be used in order to treat the disease. 

Decrease High Blood Pressure

Last but not least, by taking coenzyme q10 every day, you're going to easily improve your blood pressure. Remember to speak to your doctor about it, since he may tell you if it can interact with any other drugs you may be on.